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    Events in Posio

    ´Friends of the Forest´ - Ceramic Art Exhibition

    10.7. - 13.8.2017

    Miki Studio (Suopolku 1)

    Wed-Fri 12-17
    Sat 12-15
    Sun 14-17

    Min Kyoung Kim
    Kyung Ok Yoo
    Sung Mi Ha

    Posio in Pictures

    15.7. - 23.7.2017

    Suopolku 1

    Posio-themed exhibition by local amateur photographers.

    Opening hours:
    15. - 16.7. 10 - 16
    17.7. 12 - 16
    18. - 19.7. 12 - 18
    20. - 23.7. 12 - 16

    Koillismaan Rastipäivät

    19.7. - 23.7.2017

    Kirintövaara Fell

    A national-level orienteering competition will be held in Posio and Kuusamo in the summer 2017. The four-day competition entails four legs - first two in Posio 19.-20.7 and last two in Kuusamo...

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    Experience the pure and silent nature of Finnish Lapland in Posio.

    Lake Livojärvi

    Lake Livojärvi is one of the most popular summer destinations in Posio. Its long white sandy beaches and clear waters attract sunbathers and swimmers from all over the world.

    Riisitunturi National Park

    Riisitunturi offers unforgettable views in the glow of the northern lights.

    Korouoma Canyon

    Thrilling heights, breathtaking sceneries and challenging landscapes. Korouoma welcomes hikers of all experience levels all year round.

    Accessible Trails

    You can get out and enjoy Posio's outdoors on these accessible trails that offer wheelchair-ready surfaces.


    Local history, culture and art attractions make sure you will not get bored in Posio.

    Timisjärvi Art Centre

    A home of art dedicated to Finnish design and ceramics.

    Akanlahti Log Transfer Facility

    Akanlahti entails a lot of history, as it is the only remaining log transfer facility in Finland.

    Pentik Culture Centre

    Pentik brings northern beauty and cosiness to your home.

    Miki Studio

    The lovely products of Miki Studio have been inspired by the arctic nature of Finnish Lapland.



    Welcome to winter wonderland!

    Husky safaris

    Enjoy the thrill of speed on a husky safari and learn how to control your own dog sled!

    Winter hiking

    The snowy winters of Posio provide amazing chances for snowshoeing and winter hiking.

    Ice climbing in Korouoma

    The steep cliffs of Korouoma offer outstanding climbing experiences.

    Kiri slopes

    The ski center in Kirintövaara offers thrilling experiences in family-friendly slopes.


    The summer of Posio offers excitement and experiences you will never forget.

    Weekly Schedule - Summer


    In the summer, orienteering events and competitions are held regularly.


    With more or less 3000 lakes and ponds the waters of Posio offer fascinating fishing spots.

    Disc golf course

    Posio disc golf course has 9 holes and it is situated in Kirintövaara.

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    exciting activities. Choose
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    Proud to Be from Here


    Home. The true meaning of this word does not usually truly get to us until we leave.

    Inspired by Arctic Lapland


    In Posio, ceramics and the pristine nature of Lapland are intertwined in a unique way.

    Posio Municipality

    Area of Posio: 3500 km2
    Number of people in Posio: 3500
    Number of lakes & ponds in Posio: 3500
    Number of reindeer in Posio: More than people.